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Focused on education

At, we believe schools and colleges can change educational outcomes if they can improve how they communicate, how they share information. For over 10 years, our team have been helping schools use their website to bring parents, students, faculty, staff, and the entire school community closer together. We take our innovative web technology and provide an app for parents to follow, so that even non-techies can quickly begin to use and embrace the power of their school website. From parents checking in to see their child’s assignments or what’s on the school lunch menu, to the IT staff looking to reduce headaches and cut overheard, helps solve the everyday communications challenges that all schools face.

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Education website specialists

Our designers, developers, support team, former teachers and school community relations professionals come together to create easy-to-manage websites that everyone loves. From hosting software to support, our team helps you create websites that deliver results and save you money in the process. From design to launch, our MKS Specialists are there to guide you every step of the way. Then once your website or app is up and running, we are there to fully support all your users – online, on the phone, or on video. We help you focus on the job of educating students, and leave all the technical aspects of your website up to us.